Tangerine Motorized
​Fader Controller


The Tangerine Motorized Fader Controller is a solution for all consoles - existing or future - that lack automation technology.  The MFC is an OEM solution for hardware manufacturers and restorers to integrate automation into their console designs.

This all-inclusive modular development kit includes all necessary hardware as well as pre-verified references designs for integration in consoles with features such as: motorized faders, dual audio paths, custom hardware UI, mutes, touch control, groups, links, and much more! Compatible with virtually any motorized fader, the Tangerine Fader Controller is specifically compatible with the widely used TKD-9100 series and LMH5 series faders with no additional mounting hardware required. Available with 3 out of the box audio expansion cards, the Tangerine Fader Controller can buffer, balance and filter audio, drive an on-fader VCA and be used for dual audio path applications.

Bring Injektor to your hardware: Injektor is THD-Labs' state of the art automation software and plugin.  It enables computer control of all automation features and links seamlessly with hardware user interfaces.  Injektor is the worlds first cross-console automation platform. Any automatable parameter can be brought into the Injektor plug-in for direct access from within the DAW. Sessions can be brought over to a growing list of consoles without any additional configuration necessary. Drums can be tracked on a Flying Faders console in Berlin, vocals on an SSL in London, and then mixing can be done on a Focusrite console with GML automation; a single Pro Tools session carrying both audio and automation data will seamlessly transition fader moves and cuts to any Injektor compatible studio, on any console with zero setup time. 

With it's customizable GUI, Injektor can replicate the look and feel of your console and design plhilosophy.  Users will feel at home weather they're working on the hardware itself or through the plug-in.  This also reduces production costs by bringing less-frequently used function keys into the software. 

Specifications And Features

  • Modular design enables controlling 8 to 96+ faders over USB
  • Use any DAW as the automation software.  Available workflows:
    • INJEKTOR software and plugin (AAX/AU/VST)
    • REAPER slave
    • HUI*
    • HUI hybrid*
  • READ / WRITE resolution: 10 bits (1024 steps) +/- 0.1 dB precision.
  • Supports 3 fader operation modes: dual audio path, VCA driven and audio-in fader
  • Control fader volume, position and touch sense
  • Control mutes, switches, and other relays (EQ on/off, Compressor on/off, etc)
  • Drive fader motors with support for VCA control and TRIM-on-Fader operation
  • Fader groups and links
  • Supports a wide variety of faders
  • Mechanically compatible with TKD-9100 series and LMH5 series faders with no additional mounting hardware required
  • Control per-channel automation and console-wide automation
  • Pre-build, verified user interface designs
  • Virtually limitless hardware and software user interface options (switch, LED, data entry, on-fader display, encoder, joystick, thumb wheel and more)
  • Supports both switchless (DAW-only) and hardware-only control and operation
  • Global, per bank and per channel expansion ports
  • Custom application PCB design services available
  • Single power supply rail required – all other rails are generated internally

*HUI workflows support a maximum of 32 simultaneous channels